All businesses that handle waste are required to register as a waste carrier, this includes ‘green’ waste from your garden. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and we hope that you will too.

We have a responsibility because we transport/dispose of waste for you and we sometimes act as a waste broker (arrange for someone else to handle your waste if we can’t).

The law requires that we must deal responsibly with any waste generated from our work. This is known as a duty of care. 

Once we are engaged by you we have a legal responsibility to remove your waste to an authorised place for processing. 

We have our own licenced facility for green waste and we process hundreds of tonnes of green waste each year. Commercial waste (fence posts/concrete footings etc) we transfer to a business authorised to deal with it. Soil is handled under different regulations (RPS190). 

When estimating or quoting for your project/contract an element of the cost will be for waste removal. This will also include the legal and reporting side of waste management. 

A sample Conveyance Note/Duty of Care/Controlled Waste Transfer Note is available on request.